Our Services

The Tomorrow Group is a C-level consultancy providing highly focused and specialized business advisory, governance, and management services for diverse nationwide clients in mortgage banking, real estate, mortgage insurance, risk management and financial services technologies.

Our deep and extensive experience enables quick analysis of critical situations and rapid development of effective solutions.   Coupled with our hands-on, roll-up our sleeves approach, we deliver successful solutions.  These successes cover the spectrum of lending and mortgage banking including:

Interim Corporate Leadership

At times businesses need interim corporate leadership for key operating positions to help the enterprise transition through a business crisis driven by sudden departure of a key individual or perhaps by a regulatory issue.   We enable the business to recruit and transition the right long-term management by providing an experienced and vetted professional with deep expertise from our network of mortgage and banking professionals.

Support for Strategic Transactions  (Business and Asset Transfers)

We have substantial experience in guiding mortgage banking enterprises through strategic transactions involving the acquisition or disposal of business units and servicing portfolios.

Our expertise and services in this arena include:

  • Providing strategic counsel in purchasing or selling mortgage banking operations including preparing transaction overviews to engage interested parties in discussions surrounding possibilities.
  • Conducting operational reviews of mortgage operations to document and identify areas of strengths and weaknesses in the various functional segments that translates into potential opportunities and potential risks for buyers or sellers.
  • Analyzing servicing portfolios and stratifying them by specific loan attributes or combination of loan attributes in order to maximize the profitability and minimize risks for buyers or sellers.
  • Performing reviews of the servicer’s investor accounting functions to ensure:
    • all custodial accounts are properly titled and reconciled timely,
    • all monies were properly collected and remitted to the appropriate investors and,
    • all loan portfolios and securities have been reconciled and properly reported to the appropriate investors.

GSE/GNMA Master Servicing Application & Sub-Servicer Vendor Management Support

Our team provides support to mortgage bankers who want the option of retaining and holding the MSR on the loans which they originate by becoming an agency approved Master Servicer.  We guide clients throughout the application process to ensure that they are building a servicing construct that meets GSE and/or GNMA mortgage servicing requirements, as well as all regulatory requirements.  Once approved, we continue to partner with the client in transitioning to reasonable servicing management self-sufficiency. We design a specific program geared to a lender’s individual needs with advisory services, training, and continuing support to the lender as the lender goes through the servicing management development process.

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Supporting Servicing Oversight

Our experienced servicing management principals enable owners of MSRs to more effectively perform required oversight of sub-servicers with focused operational overviews and targeted testing of critical functions on the MSR owner’s specific portfolio. These reviews are specifically designed for the individual client’s portfolio characteristics to assure compliance with all applicable laws and regulations as well as how borrower complaints are satisfactorily resolved.

Servicing Transfer Support

We offer support assistance to both transferors or transferees in all phases of servicing portfolio transfers. These services include:

  • Overall project management
  • Development and execution of servicing transfer plans
  • Oversight of system conversions to ensure that all necessary data mapping has been completed and tested prior to the actual transfer of the loans to ensure a smooth conversion and transfer of the affected loans
  • Performing post-transfer QC
  • Oversight of the movement and reconciliation of all monies and loan documents related to the transfer
  • Identifying specific segments of loans that require special attention and handling in the transfer, such as loans in active loss mitigation or that in an active complaint status.

MERS Certifications

We offer a full range of services in assisting servicers with their annual MERS certifications, including operational reviews to determine if the servicer maintains the appropriate systems, processes and controls to ensure compliance with their MERS policies and procedures and MERS compliance plan, as well as performing the required tri-reconciliation of the servicer’s systems, MERS and controlling loans documents.

GSE/MI/HUD Claims and Loss Analysis

We are experienced in supporting servicers in developing the policies, procedures, controls and systems needed to appropriately file claims with the GSE, MI companies and with HUD to recover all expenses and advances due to them as a result of the default management process.

In addition, we provide support to servicers in performing and completing the final loss analysis of liquidated loans to ensure that all monies due to and from the servicer and investor have been appropriately accounted for and that the final loss or gain is a true figure.

Risk Management

We understand all the risks confronting mortgage banking businesses and work with clients to effectively manage those risks.

Resolving Regulatory Compliance Issues

We’ve helped clients through a variety of tough regulatory issues by providing third-party analytics on production, secondary or servicing operations and working closely with management to revamp policies, procedures and business processes to achieve compliance.