A Unique C-Level Consultancy

Hands-on Support for Operational and Strategic Issues

Our clients find our unique, penetrating insights enhance the quality of their decision-making. Additionally, they improve their ability to craft and maintain a strategic competitive advantage.

We enable solid decision-making, based on real perspectives from experienced professionals. You won't be hearing the same rhetoric from already published and readily accessible sources of information. We have more than 25 years experience in working with a wide variety of mortgage banking and lending clients.

When You Need...

  • Loan Servicing/Sub-Servicing Management Support
  • Servicing Transfer Support
  • Secondary Marketing
  • Due Diligence
  • Compliance Support
  • MERS Certification Support
  • Interim C-Level Leadership
  • Board Governance Improvement
  • To Build Your Strategic Competitive Advantage

We provide timely effective solutions

With Qualified C-Level Principals with Proven Accomplishments and:

  • A willingness to roll up our sleeves
  • An ability to deftly handle crisis situations
  • A disciplined methodology honed over solving complex and time sensitive issues